Poised Meditation Tracker

In an world of high stress we need to remember that we are still simple creatures that need to control our awareness. Practicing self-control and patience is essential to a successful life.

Poised Meditation Tracker is a simple mobile application that helps you track your meditation sessions.

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Learn how to meditate UI

Track Meditation Sessions

The primary goal of Poised Mediation Tracker is to track your meditation sessions while giving you a light sound to know when to start and stop a session.

Tap the button once and a light bell will sound signifying the start of the session. Once the session is over, you will hear that sound again.

The main ui of the app will display how long it has been since you meditated.

Learn About Meditation

When you are first starting to meditate it is helpful to have a quick guide to remind you of how to meditate.

This application includes some notes on meditation as well as a process to meditation that you can adapt.

Learn how to meditate UI
Set the session duration.

Increase Session Duration

Overtime you can increase the length of your meditation sessions. Increasing session length with make you an even better medtiator.

Remember, meditation is about the journey, not the result.

Happy Meditating!

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